Infrared Thermography Services Available in New Jersey

Infrared Thermography is a non-contact diagnostic technology used to detect, display and record thermal patterns and temperatures. Our certified infrared thermographers use infrared to locate thermal anomalies in building structures and building systems. Once located, we document these anomalies with digital and infrared images. Our infrared surveys of buildings and building systems can help identify potentially costly problems.


Choosing to do an infrared baseline can provide you with important information about your building and building systems. Infrared baselines gives you the ability to track the integrity and performance of your building and its different systems as they progress in the future.


Commercial roof scans using an infrared camera can identify wet roof insulation that is not visible by the naked eye or even digital photography.
Leakage inside a building rarely directly relates to the exact spot on the roof, since the water flows in the path of least resistance and since most types of roof systems absorb some amount of water, it is harder to find the exact spot of water. Infrared thermography can pinpoint the leak as well as find wet/damaged roofing materials and insulation.


Thermal imaging can aid in identifying water intrusion in walls, floors, and ceilings. Moisture, if not properly remedied, can lead to building damage and mold.
Thermal Imaging also allows us to efficiently scan structures and identify areas that are improperly or incompletely insulated. Because this scan is completed from inside, we can see areas that may otherwise be inaccessible and therefore not visible to a traditional visual inspection.