About Beach Infrared:
Performing Infrared Thermography on New HomesInfrared thermography on new homes

Beach Infrared is a full service thermal imaging company. We provide infrared thermography on new homes. Our goal is to take the best infrared images possible.

Everything in the world has temperature. We use our knowledge of thermodynamics to help you get to the root of your problem. In short, we are temperature detectives!

Our mission is to provide state-of-the art, non-destructive, infrared surveys. Our infrared thermography on new homes  save our residential customers time and money. This in turns provides these owners true peace of mind. We are able to report any exceptions or defects we may discover to our residential clients. This is done by creating comprehensive graphic detailed report. These reports are based on the appropriate standards specific to that application.

We are the infrared inspection specialists in New Jersey. We stand behind our commitment to carbon reduction and energy savings. With our infrared thermography on new homes, we are making New Jersey a better place to live and work.