Commercial Infrared

Roof problems have always been trouble and can result in significant expense. While there may be a number of factors contributing to the cause, it has long been understood that entrapped moisture will ultimately destroy the roof system.

If not maintained, moisture intrusion into a roof system will cause the roof membrane and insulation to deteriorate. This moisture decreases the thermal efficiency of the insulation, which will increase heating and cooling of the building.

Proper identification of defects will help determine the repair needed and the proper repair material to be selected. It will also help building managers prioritize repairs according to significance of the problem, time constraints and budget limitations.

If you have a newer roof, it’s a good idea to have an infrared moisture survey performed once a year to make sure any unseen water leaks that develop are taken care of under your warranty. We can help you to prolong the life or your new roof and save you thousands of dollars in repairs before your warranty expires.